A Month In Film (August)*



* I actually first loaded this film into my camera in November of 2018, but then I had to move, and my film camera lived in the middle of a cardboard box until I found it again in August.

The first picture of the roll. My cat, Sherlock, in our old flat. Also the only picture from November 2018 on this roll.
An out-of-focus picture of me AKA the only way to make me look good in a picture.
Wearing white shoes on a rainy day. Look at all the fucks we’re not giving!
A pharmacy window with the currency exchange rate of the day. What could be more #Capitalism than exchange rates being on display in a pharmacy window?
Bro, this is 100% art.
As someone who wants a neon sign in their new apartment, I’ve been paying more attention to neon signs around the city.
My friend, Joanne, was filming a movie in Kyiv in August. Here’s a picture from set (the shore of a lake at about 1AM. It was cold AF and my shoes were full of sand).
When it’s December and I’m craving corn and watermelon, I’ll look back at this picture and think of how I didn’t eat enough corn/watermelon during the summer.
#Minimalism? IDK.

Events not pictured:

  • Some sub-par selfies
  • Office party