Fantastic Music and Where to Find It



Even though it only applied to several genres, “back in the day” I was the person to go to for music recommendations. Before Spotify Weekly and Apple Music’s “For You” section came about, I was *adjusts letterman jacket* that guy. That’s changed, and I find myself listening to the same things I was listening to 5 years ago, with just two or three new albums/singles added to the mix. However, whenever I do have the desire to go searching for some new tunes, I adhere to the same process and look in the same places.

The Needledrop

The all-in-one place. There’s the reviews, the trusted taste in music, and the wide range of genres. If you’re into hip-hop, indie, heavy-metal, or EDM—Anthony “Best Teeth in the Game” Fantano has got you covered.
Best Discoveries via The Needledrop: Death Grips, Swans, Wire, Battles, FKA Twigs

Best Teeth in the Game
Best-thony Teeth-tano

Music Labels

This one’s great if you already know what you’re looking for. You like Jack White? Check out his label “Third Man Records“. You like Kanye? “G.O.O.D. Music”. And then there’s XL Recordings. Their whole roster is just the bomb.
Best Discoveries via checking out music labels: Sigur Ros, Peaches, Electric Six, Gang Gang Dance

Skate Videos

This is a niche one, because the music is usually a blend of hip-hop and rock, but damn if skate videos aren’t a goldmine of amazing songs.
Best Discoveries via skate vids: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, LCD Soundsystem, AC/DC, Cream, Arcade Fire, Joy Division


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