I Got FL Studio



When I got Ableton Live I said to myself that that would be the last music-related purchase in my life. It has everything I need and more.

And yet here I am. I got FL Studio and I’ve been playing around with it and LOVING it.

I think something about the workflow just works for my ADHD brain. You create a bunch of patterns and then throw them around a timeline and call it a song.

It can be the same with Ableton’s Session View, but it just feels different.

And the Piano Roll, duuuude. The hype is real.

Many of the stock plugins are also amazing. They look like WinAmp skins (ugly AF), but I love that.

I’ve yet to actually make a full track in FL, but I’ve already gone much farther than I ever got in Ableton with writing music.

Ableton is still probably my go-to for ambient music and working with found sounds, but for everything else I think it’s FL.

FWIW I tried making an ambient track in FL and it worked out for me as well… so who knows, maybe I’ll be selling my Ableton license and have FL be the DAW that I focus on and try to fully master.

Also the YouTube content from musicians who use FL is wild. I think I’ll share a playlist sometime next week. It’s hilarious.