If it was fun to make, I’ll probably like it



"This class will probably ruin movies for you."
That was the first thing said by my teacher during my first film class in high-school. Basically, creating the habit of analysing (and often "over analysing") movies would ruin them for me. Movies would no longer be something I can just shut my brain off for and enjoy.
He was right. Now the only movie I can just "chill and enjoy" is some purposefully dumb comedy or action blockbuster — everything else comes with "baggage". Like, I can’t just sit down and watch Everything, Everywhere, All at Once because that’s a Good Movie™️ and I gotta look at all the good bits and think about them and analyze them.
It only got worse when the trend of video essays started on YouTube. This "analytical mindset" was suddenly everywhere and it was ruining my life.

Here’s how I got around it:
Instead of trying to analyze the art I think about whether it was fun to make. If it looks like the director/musician/artist had fun creating this gift for me — I can turn off my "analyze the art!" voice and just… enjoy the ride.

It’s a super subtle shift, but god damn it’s made my life so much easier. It’s difficult to turn off the pretentious part of my brain once it’s been activated, and this "distraction" is the best.

Thanks for tuning in,

P.S. Before I leave, here’s a list of things that I think were probably a blast to make for (almost?) everyone involved:

  • Ted Lasso
  • Any LCD Soundsystem album
  • The "Into the Spiderverse" movies
  • Most pop-punk albums (?)
  • Community