Listen to this: Bo Burnham on You Made it Weird



You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes: Bo Burnham #3

It’s a three hour conversation, which is about 6 times longer than the average podcast episode I listen to, but it’s such a great conversation. It’s the type of conversation that seems to cover everything, even though it’s not really focused on anything at all. But it works. It’s great. It covers all the  things, all the conversational topics that I would like to talk about with someone, but I’m too self conscious about how pretentious it will all sound if I say it. This just does that unapologetically and it’s great. There are about 12 moments throughout the podcast where I had to stop and write extensive notes to myself because it gave me ideas about things that I would like to write/talk about at some point in the future.

Even if if you don’t really like Bo Burnham or his specials or his style of comedy in general, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find this conversation to be interesting and very inteligent.

It’s three hours well spent. Trust me.