Quick Q: How Do You Take Notes?



I’m in between being an Evernote user and a Notion user, and I’m trying to figure out how to take notes and how to store reference material. Im not working on a specific #project right now, I’m mostly just hoarding quotes and articles and images. If this was for a specific project I’d have much less trouble figuring it out.

Right now my big line in the sand is that Notion is basically RAM — information and resources that are likely to be revisited within the next month for something I’m working on or thinking about.

That means that Evernote is the equivalent of ROM — once it’s there, it’s basically there forever, and even if I might not need it, I’ll know where to find it if I do.

The big issue I’m having is for that in-between stuff. Articles that I want to keep thinking about because of ideas that might not ever end up going anywhere.

So, genuine question: what’s your note-taking system like?

Stay safe!

A bientôt.