Some Things I Did To Feel Better This Week



We’re out here on month 6 of lockdown and it’s the worst it’s been (for me) in terms of how I feel, how my body feels, how much I’m struggling to get things done.
I’ve been a night owl my whole life, going to bed at 2AM or later. But the past couple of weeks I’m in bed at 11 and up at 7-8am. Like, I guess that’s a good way to fit into the expectations of “society” but also that’s not normal.
Anyway, despite the terrible week I’ve had, when I look back there are a few things that I did enjoy:

  • Escaped the orbit of straight and Russian/Ukrainian TikTok
  • Landed on alt & pirate lesbian & Former Tumblr Kid™️ TikTok
  • Spent a whole day just reading a book[note]Mo Meta Blues by Questlove[/note]
  • Painted my nails during a particularly boring zoom meeting
  • Consistently cooked for myself and ate homemade meals
  • Had an “OMG selfceare” morning with a face mask and everything
  • Started playing Settlers of Catan online[note]It’s good, and I can’t wait to have people over at my new flat so we can play it together.[/note]
  • Opened up Logic Pro for the first time and made a 30 second song/loop about how tired I am

It’s still difficult. Most of these things serve more as a distraction than a genuine effort to feel better. But maybe if I do them consistently enough for long enough I’ll be able to turn this ship around (unless it sinks first).

What have you been doing to maintain the bare minimum of sanity required to… idk… function, I guess?