Starting Out



After 10 years of thinking about it (overthinking, really) I’ve finally started making a video for YouTube.

As all “first” videos go, this one is about how it’s the first video I’m making.

I hate that.

But as much as videos about making videos absolutely GRIND MY GEARS, I need to get this navel-gazing bullshit out of the way before I can get to some of the actual topics I want to make videos about.

I have to loosen my standards to get something (anything) done, and then once the ball is rolling and I’ve made a few more I can always go back and delete it.

It’s the artistic equivalent of “felt silly, might delete later”.

And hey, if it gets me out of the rut I’ve been in for a whole entire decade then it’s definitely worth it.

So yeah… I’m posting this publicly to create accountability for myself. LORD KNOWS I’ve made dozens of these posts about how I’m going to make something, but this time it feels real.

And when it comes to these kinds of things I think that if it feels real then it is real.

I’ll post a link to the vid once it’s up (if I don’t chicken out).