The Perfect PokéRap



There’s a thing I have for people who take something really simple and then overthink the living shit out of it. [note]It’s been put into words better than I ever could in this video right here. Which isn’t to say that I won’t someday come back to it and give it my own little spin.[/note]

So, here’s one of my favorite internet creators trying (and IMHO succeeding) in making a perfect PokéRap!


Look, I know it’s 30 minutes long and the actual song is only just under 9 minutes but as a person who A) Loves overthinking and B) Loves to see how the sausage is made, I think that the 21 minutes of presentation preceding the PokéRap are the best part of the video.

Here’s a studio version of the song:


And here is my favorite sketch from Brian about Pat’s new shoes.