Jan 14 Weeknotes (2024)



This week at work was intense, but I’ve also been doing a lot of "thinking" and "planning" and "brainstorming" for a few creative things I’ll be doing on the side as part of my whole "year of winding up/down" yearly theme.


The company I work at was part of a conference/expo thing, and as the marketing person it was up to me to work on a lot of the creative elements in preparation for it. It was rather short-term in terms of planning, but I think what we managed to come up with was pretty decent (AFAIK we were the best-looking booth at the event, so that’s something).
BUT this meant that I was working multiple consecutive 10-hour days trying to get some videos edited/motion designed (by myself!) to play on the screens at our booth.
Turns OUT, I’m way rustier at the whole video editing thing that I thought I was. It doesn’t help that I’m in my first few weeks of using Apple Motion and yet I signed myself up for making 10 short videos/product demos using motion. So… Bit off a bit more than I can chew, but I made it work.

Creative Shit

As I said in an earlier post, my two main areas of focus are music and video/motion design. So, while my "work" pretty much took care of the video element, I was left with doing music in whatever time I had left.
AND I MANAGED to actually make a little song and upload it to Soundcloud. It’s not amazing, but I wasn’t going for amazing. I’m mostly really pleased that I actually got it done and pushed past my own… idk… fear? Yeah. I’m glad that I pushed past my fear and still put it up somewhere on the internet. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll make something that I’ll actually deem worthy enough to put up on streaming services!

But speaking of music:


I watched a bunch of music theory videos on Friday while I was decompressing from the intense working days.
I’ve tried learning music theory before, but it never really clicked. But this time I found a person on YouTube who is fucking amazing at explaining all the little bits in a way that makes sense and made all the prior experience I’ve had with theory "click" into place. It honestly felt like that scene in The Matrix where Neo learns kung-fu.
I gotta share this with you:
{{< youtube "sWAaJF9Wk0w" >}}

Other Stuff

This video got me more fired up to actually get goign on all the creative shit I’ve planned for this year. I spent 10 years putting all this off, and if I don’t do it now… I honestly think I’ll never do it.

{{< youtube "5L1HvcFtCjo" >}}

And, uh… I think that’s mostly it for this week. It was mostly work and barely any play. But I’ve been dull, so I’ve got nothing to lose.

Thanks for tuning in!