Jan 21 Weeknotes (2024)



It’s been a slow week. Basically regrouping from the dificulty of the previous week. But also I put a song up on Spotify/Apple Music and that’s a capital "A" Accomplishment for me.


Now that the conference/event is over, it’s time to get back to the "foundational" marketing activities of SEO, writing blog posts, creating various templates for SMM and stuff.


Put up a track on Spotify and Apple Music.

I mean, it’s the same song that I put up on Soundcloud the week before, but now that it’s on streaming services it feels "official". I’m sure you understand what I mean lol.


I ordered a cheap projector so now I can watch movies on a "big screen" but at home. It’s great. So far I’ve watched Leave the World Behind and the first half of Saltburn (right up until the bit where it starts to get really weird really quickly) and started watching the BBC Sherlock (despite having a "no tv-show year", but… with 90-minute episodes it’s almost like a movie? Besides, it’s, like, a mini-serries, technically, right?).
It’s a bit blurry (again, cheap projector), but the size of the picture makes up for it. Plus, I get to watch it in bed comfortably instead of the livingroom couch (which I fucking hate).

Other Stuff

Combinging my current obsession with music and my self-diagnosed ADHD to look for/watch videos like this one:
{{< youtube "_-h1tKqKQ34" >}}

So yeah… IDK. It’s been a slow week. A bunch of stuff happenned, but nothing to write home about, you know? So, few highlights isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d rather have a slow week than an intensive week that overwhelms me and fucks me up for an entire weekend.

Thanks for tuning in!